Sonos launches controller for iPhone app

Sonos's multiroom system is still top of the pile when it comes to streaming tunes round your gaff. But that remote, while functional, is a just a bit

So Sonos has come up with a solution – they've just unleashed a free app on the Apple App store that will turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control for the entire system. The result is a super–slick way of controlling different zones, snagging podcasts and setting up megamixes on

It also plays nice with Napster, just like the regular Sonos controller, so if you're a subscriber you can listen to whatever track takes your fancy via your iPhone. That iTunes Wi–Fi store is looking less attractive by the minute.

The app works with the new BU150 model, as well as the original, so all Sonos owning folk are welcome. But surely the best bit is that it's free. Good work chaps!


Sonos Controller for iPhone

Price: £Free

On sale: Now

Contact: Sonos