Sonim XP3 becomes Land Rover S1 rugged phone

Sonim's JCB Toughphone was clearly designed with incredibly hard construction types in mind, rather than us namby pamby geeks with a penchant for the

Based on their recently outed XP3 rugged phone, the Land Rover S1 and S2 G4 pack in Bluetooth support and can be used in temperatures up to a delirium inducing 60C and down to a mind–numbing -20C.

Land Rover branding is of course present and correct and we really can't imagine any decent off road fan not grabbing one when they're unleashed in 40 different countries next year.

Official word is we'll be getting a third model too. While you man up in anticipation, make sure you take a look at the JCB Toughphone in action in our special vidcast.


Land Rover S1 and S2 G4

Price: £TBA

On sale: 2009

Contact: Land Rover