Smartphones outsell feature phones in Europe

It’s official – we’re smitten with brainy blowers

Smartphones have become an indispensable multi-tool for many a gadgeteer these past few years – a fact supported by the news that they have over taken the sales of vanilla text 'n’ talk phones in Western Europe.

In terms of numbers, Sammy has taken the lead in shipped units, followed by Nokia (with a 44% decrease) and Apple with a 64% increase. The folks over at HTC will also be celebrating a massive 121% increase, no doubt helped by the sheer volume of handsets they’ve released into the market.

Widespread data network plans and a thriving hive of social network activity are no doubt key contributors towards the domination of our shiny pocket wonder-slabs and with the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note right around the corner, the numbers after next year's melee should be rather interesting.


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