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This smart remote can control just about anything

It's as easy as point, tap, done

Anything? Even my heating?

Actually, yes. In fact, there’s very little this Indiegogo-funded puck of clever tech can’t control. From Nest thermostats and Philips Hue bulbs to Sonos speakers, Apple TV and more, all you have to do is point and tap. It’ll currently play nice with more than 25,000 devices – including IFTTT gear.

Won’t I need to go through all that ‘pairing code’ nonsense?

Mercifully, no: adding a device is handled through the partner app (compatible with iOS and Android). Once you’ve located it, Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote will cleverly change its display based on what bit of kit you’re pointing it at.

Wait, so it knows what I’m trying to control? What if I keep all of my stuff in one big jumble?

Then it’s probably time to invest in some shelves. Anyway, by default the Smart Remote will control the closest object in its line of sight. If things get too confusing, it’ll show a carousel, instead, from which you can pick the kit you want to instruct. Far niftier than re-programming that so-called multi-remote.

I like to control things all around the house, like a god of connected, um, things.

Well, there’s a bit of bad news for you: it’ll only work in one room, where you’ve stuck the requisite three sensors. One day, though, you should be able to toddle around the house, absent-mindedly zapping all sorts of stuff throughout the house.

For now, it’s limited to managing gear in a single space, via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared, depending on the device – though you can send instructions that’ll affect other rooms, such as turning the heating on.

Can it order an Uber to my door, though?

Surprisingly, it can. Point it at the door and you’ll be offered a ride on the 3.43in LCD screen. Need to make a quick exit but lost the Remote? Push a button on the charging base and it’ll call out to you like a lost kitten.

Can I really get one, or is this just one of those crowd-funded things that never actually appears?

Oh ye of little faith. It’s definitely real, and it’s set to ship come August. You can pre-order one now for US$229, then spend the next 8 months perfecting your remote control power stances.

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