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SIM2 touts £20k Solar Series TV

SIM2's projectors are the kind of gadgets we dream of owning once we make our fortune and convert the spare room into a full–on Odeon–alik

As with their projectors, this isn’t for those currently taking a hammering thanks to the recession. The 47in TV comes in at an astonishing £20,000. But for that you do get arguably the greatest TV money can buy.

Packing a contrast ratio in excess of 1,000,000:1, which they say is in effect infinite, you also get 16 bit processing, offering 65,536 shades of colour. Just to put that into perspective, your standard LCD offers 1,024.

Naturally, you’re looking at 1080p, an adjustable white point and Dolby HDR tech to boot. Unless you’re bankrolling a football club, or happen to turn out for one a weekly basis, it’s unlikely you’ll be getting one. But as a glimpse of the future, SIM2’s surely played a blinder.

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SIM2 Solar Series

Price: £20,000

On sale: Now

Contact: SIM2