Sensus case turns the back and sides of your iPhone into buttons

Think your phone doesn’t have enough controls? This smart case adds a bevy of extra pressure sensors
Sensus iPhone case

One of the niftier iPhone accessories to emerge at this year’s CES is the Sensus case from Canopy which, put simply, transforms the back and sides of an iPhone into extra controls.

The Sensus works through pressure-sensing strips that feed signals to your iPhone via the Lightning port. So the case adds a fair bit of bulk to a phone along with that extra functionality.

Apps are the key

The key to success for Canopy will be getting app developers on board. In the company’s demos, you can squeeze the sides of your phone to take a photo or use the back sensors to for better control during a game – but tech demos aren’t real world use. Canopy has already released a dev kit, however, so if they can entice the software-makers they may be onto a winner with Sensus.

The case is scheduled for release by the end of 2014 with a projected US$100 (£60) price tag. We’ll be keeping an eye on its development and for any news regarding app support, so stay tuned for more.

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