Send your experiment into space for £300 with the ArduSat

Can't afford a seat on a space tourism flight? Get some intergalactic snaps or beam down a personalised message instead

If you've always wanted to go into space, but you can't afford a ticket for Virgin Galactic, ArduSat Kickstarter project might just be the next best thing. Donate your loose change to NanoSatisfi and if you've got enough lying around, you could be directing your own photography shoot in space or tinkering with electromagnetic sensors for a week-long intergalactic experiment.

The hardware itself is an Arduino CubeSat – nothing more than a miniature satellite with five Arduino processors and over 25 sensors and cameras on board including an IR camera, light sensors, GPS, spectrometer and pressure sensors. NanoSatisfi needs US$35,000 to turn its prototype into reality before hitching a ride on a NASA or ESA space launch in July 2013 – and with just under a month left on Kickstarter, science fanatics have already pledged US$25,000. 

Rewards range from 15 personalised space photos (£95) and a time slot to broadcast a message of your choice to a region of Earth from the satellite (£190) to a £320 week long slot to run your own custom applications and experiments (tested by NanoSatisfi) using the ArduSat. So even if you can't physically get into space, you can at least get your ideas up there.

[via DVICE]

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