Sand Flea jumping robot gets the Botson Dynamics treatment

This little beast can jump up to 30 feet and is surprisingly fine on impact, here’s the video

Meet Sand Flea the jumping robot that can clear 30ft of air in a single bound. It’s the landing that’s the hard part, we hear you say. That’s why the robot, previously using a piston from below, has been redesigned by Boston Dynamics to fire a piston from the rear – offering a flat landing and clear view from its camera during flight.

While the Sand Flea has already been seen, it wasn’t until Boston Dynamics got a go, that it became refined. The company famed for robotic creations like Big Dog, the Cheetah, and Petman, has added Sand Flea to the family. Now not only can the Sand Flea jump nine metres, but it does so flat, for clear camera surveillance and more gentle landings – and it can make the leap 25 times before refuelling. Check out the video below while we find out how long it’s going to take this tech to filter down into our remote control cars.

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