Samsung's Transparent Smart Window brings Sci-Fi to life at CES

Minority Report-style screens could be here closer than you think. We cannot wait…

Samsung is demoing a mind-blowing transparent glass touchscreen display here at CES and we couldn't be more excited.

The Samsung Transparent Smart Window is, as the name suggests, totally see through but with a simple caress of its touchscreen display it springs to life and overlays widgets, websites and media over your view.

The current iteration of tech can produce displays up to 46in with a 1366x768 resolution, which we expect to increase with time. We're particularly impressed by the virtual blind function, which blacks out the window venetian blinds-style.

People concerned over privacy shouldn't fret either, as it acts like a two-way mirror – you can see out, but nosy neighbours can't see in.

Who needs double glazing when you can kit out your abode with these glorious slabs of future-tech? Not us, that's for sure…

Video via Android Police

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