Samsung's got an Apple News rival in the works

It'll launch in Germany and Poland first, but the rest of Europe could follow

Move over Apple News - Samsung is working on a news platform of its own ready for the Galaxy S7.

It’s teaming up with German publishing giant Axel Springer for UPDAY, a news app that’s set to launch in Germany and Poland next week.

UPDAY will be exclusive to Samsung’s Galaxy phones, and will take content from Axel Springer’s line-up of newspapers including Die Welt, Bild and Fakt.

Stories will be picked by a team of editors, as well as by clever computer algorithms. There’s no word on if the company will be making exclusive content for the service, or if it’ll just be recycling stories from the paper.

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Samsung has a habit of ‘borrowing’ Apple’s ideas, so a news app doesn’t come as a massive surprise. It already has Flipboard built into the Touchwiz UI, but it doesn’t directly control the content that appears on it. 

UPDAY will be limited to Axel Springer’s home turf of Germany and Poland for 2016, but could roll out to other European countries early next year.