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Samsung’s giant Galaxy View tablet will offer LTE, if you want to lug it around

What should we call a tablet this massive, anyway - a laptab?

Back at IFA last month, Samsung teased a very, very large tablet called the Galaxy View (above). And then some crucial details leaked out earlier this week. But here’s another really interesting tidbit.

Thanks to a filing that passed through the United States Federal Communications Commission, it looks like the 18.6in (also reported as 18.5in) tablet will have an LTE option, with AT&T serving as an American carrier. So if you can’t get Wi-Fi in a certain location, at least you can pull down a cellular connection.

Question is, will you actually encounter that situation? The Galaxy View strikes us as a couch-surfing or bed-browsing tablet, rather than something you’d want to haul around. We think we’d feel awfully silly pulling this thing out at a cafe or pub – but then again, you never know when a router will go off the rails. LTE is a handy backup plan.

Earlier this week, Korean specs suggested that the Galaxy View would have just 1080p resolution for its very large screen, which seems a little underwhelming. Sure, 1080p is fine for a TV several feet away from your face, or a small phone in your hand – but an enlarged tablet in your lap? We can’t help but think it’ll look a little fuzzy.

Given all that, we’re not totally sure what to think about the Galaxy View. While large in scale, the specs hint at more modest ambitions – but it’s unclear who the audience will be, given that contrast. We’re looking forward to hearing official word, though, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer now.

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