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Samsung struts in with Armani 2 Night Effect

When Samsung unveiled their Armani phone to the world last year, it was a byword for trendy, if mildly RSI–inducing touch phones. Now though, th

The new Armani 2 Night Effect , uncovered by Unwired View, is frankly a bit dull. A candybar with a truly hideous logo plastered on the back, the subtle look has been replaced by something brash and basic.

And the simplicity doesn’t just extend to the design. Oh no. Underneath that plasticky bod’ you get a measly 120MB of onboard storage, 3.2MP camera, 2.2in screen and blue LED lights for that ‘night effect’. Hmmm.

It’s due here in November, so if your partner or Mum’s a bit chavvy and isn’t a fan of the original touch model, then by all means go ahead.

There’s no word on price yet either, but don’t expect it to make it into our best phones under £100. It’ll be well over that milestone.


Samsung Armani 2 Night Effect

Price: £TBA

On sale: November

Contact: Samsung Mobile