Samsung set to launch ultra-thin zero bezel TVs in 2012

What will your Samsung TV look like at the end of the year? We'll take three of these

Samsung is planning to release 0mm bezel TVs in late 2012 or 2013 to keep hold of its TV throne, currently being kept warm by the (8mm bezel) Stuff Gadget Award winning Samsung D8000.

Not only will Samsung's whole TV line get on board with the zero bezel look, Sammy's also gunning to make the thinnest LED TV ever, according to our anonymous tipster. With LG's 4mm thick OLED TV due for its debut at CES next week and Samsung's skinny, almost bezel-less 75in D9500 that landed in Korea in November, the next generation of TVs are set to be downright skeletal.

So where's everything going to go? – we hear you cry. Ignoring the trend in all-in-one PCs, Samsung's instead gearing up to separate the screen from the TV's PCB and link the box and display together via a wired connection.

Squeeze in a Blu-ray player and you won't hear us complaining about the new design – we just hope the final product looks a lot like our mock-up pics.

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