Samsung NX20 hands on

What does £900 of Samsung-built compact system camera feel like? Pretty damn good if you ask us

Samsung NX20 hands on – build

Remember the mini-DSLR also known as the Samsung NX11? Well the NX20 doesn't stray too far from its last-gen model – anyone stepping down from a full sized camera should feel pretty comfortable with this new CSC in their paws with an ergonomic grip, EV and pop-up flash to make you feel at home.

Of the new NX range, the NX20 is the classic camera of the three – if you want something truly pocketable head in the NX1000 or NX210's direction instead.

Samsung NX20 hands on – Wi-Fi skills

Choose Wi-Fi on the mode dial to quickly share your images and HD videos to your phone, Facebook or the cloud (Microsoft SkyDrive) with the NX20's built-in Wi-Fi – handy if you need to share your handiwork straightaway. 

If you're considering the NX20, you might also like the sound of using your smartphone as a remote viewfinder. Once you've set up your shot, you can view all your camera's settings in one Smart Panel for quick, last minute adjustments – although we didn't have a proper demo of this (shocking Wi-Fi as usual) we reckon this could be a killer connectivity combination. 

Samsung NX20 hands on – controls and display 

Sammy's been to work on that 3in display round back of the NX20 – and it reckons the swivelling AMOLED screen is now even easier for viewing your images and 1080p vids outside in the daylight with 20% more visibility. Obviously, a day out in the sun is the absolute minimum we'd need to put that to the test, since we only got an indoors hands on. And don't forget the addition of the SVGA EVF to help frame your shots too if you think displays are for amateurs.

There are tons of manual controls atop the NX20 and around the back for enthusiasts to get their teeth into and Sammy's stuck a speedy 1/8000s shutter speed on there too – that's fast. You can also adjust ISO, exposure, filter and digital zoom using the iFunction button on the 18-55mm lens, just like the rest of the NX range.

Samsung NX20 hands on – price and release date

You'll have to hold out until May for the NX20's UK release date – not to worry though, you can spend the next few months selling all the rest of your kit to get together the necessary £900.

If you're tempted, check back for a full review of the NX20 to see how it stacks up to its predecessor, the NX11 – not to mention the best DSLRs and compact system cams Canon, Nikon and Panasonic have to offer.

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