Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked again – this time with official pictures

Oh just get it all over with and launch the thing already, Samsung. Please

Want to see some more images of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge? No? What do you mean, you’ve already seen 300 blurry-ass photos of this unreleased phone before breakfast

It’s time to look at another one, I’m afraid – but at least this one is definitely the real deal.

Yes, it’s an official promotional shot of Samsung’s upcoming flagship range, the curved-screen Galaxy S6 Edge and the, er, not-curved-screen Galaxy S6. It was posted to the Sprint subreddit by someone who apparently works for the US mobile network (but maybe not for much longer!), and it shows off the phones – or at least the top two-thirds of them – in a dark (possibly black, possibly charcoal grey) finish with metal edging.

They look exactly like the rest of the leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S6 you’ve seen. Presumably there’s a home button down at the bottom.

We don’t think this phone, possibly the most leaked handset in history, can have all that many surprises left to show us, but if it does we’ll find out on Sunday, when Samsung is all set to give both S6 models their official unveiling at its pre-MWC 2015 press conference. Join us there, won’t you?

[Source: Reddit via Android Police]

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