The Samsung Galaxy Note 5's S Pen could auto-eject itself using magnets

Bring on the supercharged stylus projectile mods

Samsung's S Pen stylus has always propelled the Note series beyond the reach of its phablet rivals, and now it looks like the South Korean tech giant could be looking to shoot even further ahead.

According to an official Samsung patent uncovered by, Samsung has submitted a design for an S Pen stylus which is able to automatically eject itself from the body of a device (like the Galaxy Note 5) when you need to use it.

The proposed system uses magnets to keep the S Pen secured firmly in place. When the time comes to scribble down a note or draw a doodle, the magnet inside the Note 5 will reverse its polarity, repelling the S Pen and ejecting it out from the body.

It sounds crazy, but it's by no means outside the realm of possibility. You will also, apparently, be able to eject the S Pen using a voice command or gesture, just in case reverse-polarity magnets aren't quite technologically enhanced enough for you.

Patents are, of course, notorious for not delivering finished products in the real world, but wishful placeholder or not, it's nice idea that we'd like to see come to fruition. If it does, then the Note 5 - with its rumoured 4K screen, powerful innards and improved camera - could be the next smartphone to rule them all.

[ via Tech Radar]