Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3 are the company’s “thinnest phones yet”

And they’re made of metal too!
The Samsung A5 has a metal unibody and 6.7mm depth

Samsung just won’t stop with the phones. Despite the company’s dismal financial performance over the past year and a vow to streamline its future smartphone offerings, the release schedule shows no signs of slowing do–– oh look, here are a couple of new Galaxy models!

The Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3 are mid-range smartphones with premium design – slim, full-metal unibodies – and according to their makers they are “optimised for social networking”.

The Samsung Galaxy A3

With the A3 and A5 6.9mm and 6.7mm thick respectively, they’re also being billed as Samsung’s slimmest smartphones to date – although the Samsung Galaxy Alpha (which we reviewed here) is 6.7mm thick, so that’s not strictly true.

Both models have a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable storage, and both have a 5MP front-facing camera that should appeal to selfie addicts. The main differences lie in the screen (A3 is 4.5in 960 x 540, A5 is 5in 1280 x 720) and rear camera (A3 has 8MP, A5 13MP).

Samsung has yet to confirm a UK release date or price for the Galaxy A3 and A5, but the phone will be available in China from November and other markets soon after.

[Source: Samsung Mobile Press via Engadget]