Samsung brings HD, Smart Hub and 3D to BD-DT7800 PVR

You need never leave the lounge again with this all-singing, all-dancing set-top box

Take a look at that PVR box. The Samsung BD-DT7800 looks average enough doesn't it? Like it might receive a few Freeview channels and let you record them. Samsung's new set-top box does in fact have a few extras thrown in that will have bona fide TV addicts quivering with anticipation.

Take HD recording for example, or the scene searcher and editor so you can cut the filler and save your favourite TV and film clips. Then there's the built-in Smart Hub with BBC iPlayer, thousands of films online and music on demand. Plus 2D to 3D conversion (including your own videos and web content), not to mention 3D recording straight from Freeview.

It's out on 11th August and you can get £30 cashback as an intro deal. Just one more feature: with All Share you can access videos, images and music from any DNLA enabled devices in your house to play back on the big screen. That's presuming you have a massive telly – which you'll need to properly show off the BD-DT7800's skills.


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