Samsung B&O concept gives us phone envy

We've seen the future of smartphones… and we like it

We're currently facing a doppelganger epidemic when it comes to the majority of smartphones. B&O's Samsung concept phone, then, is a breath of fresh air amongst this homogenous sea of copycats.

Its B&O inspired design gives it the official premium stamp of approval, while throwing up a unique form-factor that's combined with the svelte lines of the Galaxy S II. Giving a further salute to B&O's high-end mixture of premium sound qualitiy and modern, inspiring design is the plush-looking speaker dock, which serves to transform your phone into an awesome speaker.

With HTC making the move to merge quality audio with smartphone technology, it doesn't seem too far fetched a move for B&O, which is no stranger to releasing phones. 

It's slim, sexy and definitely deviates from the me-too crowd. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for production.


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