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Ring’s latest smart alarm sensor loves the sound of breaking glass

A smashing alarm

Amazon-owned Ring loves to expand its wares as you’ll know. At CES 2022 it has introduced a new sensor for homes where large windows or glass doors could be entry points for nasty crims. And it works alongside the existing Ring Alarm system.

The £35 Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor can be placed in those areas – probably glass doors – and will listen out for the sound of glass breaking.

What’s more, it doesn’t actually need installing anywhere as it just needs to be placed in the vicinity of the glass. Ring says it can detect the glass sounds from around 7 metres away (though we guess it is more effective close up) and features built-in intelligence to help it distinguish when there’s actually a break-in as opposed to someone throwing some keys down or clattering plates about.

If the sound of breaking glass is detected, you’ll get an alert sent to your Ring app, though you can choose for your Ring Alarm siren or Alarm Outdoor Siren to sound if you’re in away mode for example.

The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor will be available from mid-February.

The Ring Alarm system comes with various extras depending on the size of your home and you can buy extra motion detectors and contact sensors as well as an outdoor siren. The basic kit will get you a base station, keypad, one contact sensor, one motion detector, and a range extender.

You can hook it up to your other Ring products, too, of course, although as with all Ring products you need to pay a monthly subscription to keep it useful.

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