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Ricoh shows off feature–packed CX1 compact camera

Reeling off too many snaps is the God–given right of today's digicam obsessed masses. But Ricoh is taking things to the next level with their ne

Dubbed ‘ultra–high–speed continuous shooting’ it’ll let you snag hundreds of snaps in a matter of seconds, picking out your favourites from a morass of filler. On top of that you get 10.2MP, 7.1x optical zoom and ISO up to 1,600.

Round the back there’s a 3in LCD screen for checking out your handiwork, along with motion blur reduction and multi–pattern auto white balance to make sure your pics of your pals look spot on.

It’s due to land here on 13 March for a not–too–shabby £299. If you can’t wait those four weeks, then check out our Top 10 compact cameras for ideas now.


Ricoh CX1

Price: £299

On sale: 13 March

Contact: Ricoh

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