Revo SuperConnect brings Spotify's 20 million-strong library to your tabletop

Revo's all-in-one superbox looks set to cover all of your musical bases
Revo SuperConnect brings Spotify's 20 million-strong library to your tabletop

Revo has launched the SuperConnect Hybrid radio - the first radio to serve listeners with Spotify's new Connect feature.

The SuperConnect combines over 16,000 internet and normal radio stations with Spotify's huge 20 million-strong streaming library to ensure that your ears will never be left wanting for fresh music.

The DAB+ radio will also supports DLNA and WLNA wireless playback as well as Bluetooth with aptX for lossless streaming from smartphones and tablets.

All that auditory goodness is packed into an American walnut housing, fronted by an anodised aluminium fascia and an OLED display and joystick controls, with a 15W Class-D amplifier taking care of the sound.

Spotify Connect

The Spotify Connect function means that Spotify premium listeners can listen to every single track directly from Spotify's own servers while smartphones and tablets act as remote controls.

You can also instantly carry on listening from where you've left off on your device once you've walked through the door.

The Revo SuperConnect will be out on 8 November but you can pre-order it right now for £250.

Eh? Can't my Sonos do that?

Not quite. Sonos and other desktop radios with Spotify streaming don't have Spotify Connect - the Revo is the first desktop radio that does. It means that whatever track you're listening to on your phone can be transferred to the Revo when you get home, but rather than relying on lossy Bluetooth to stream the music from your phone, the Revo sets up its own direct, high-quality stream from Spotify's servers. You phone just becomes a remote control. It's a bit like Google Chromecast, but for music.