Raspberry Ripple, anyone? Raspberry Pi gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Raspberry Pi can now swap Linux out for Google's Android OS, in a delicious union of tech flavours

The Raspberry Pi deservedly nabbed four stars in Stuff's review, thanks to its bare-bones charm, infinite tinker-ability and wallet-friendly price tag.

Up until now, the Raspberry Pi has been served with a helping of Linux, but now one of its project members has sweetened things up a bit by managing to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich working on the device.

Although the Raspberry Pi's single 700MHz processor isn't packing much firepower, its HDMI output and SD card slot could make it a contender for a cheap and cheerful Android media centre.

With everything up and running apart from AudioFlinger support, we're expecting the finished source code to be released soon – so watch this space.

[Raspberry Pi Blog via Pocket-Lint]

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