Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry gets official

Those Aston Martin drivers won't look so smug with their Mobiado handsets anymore

Rumours really do come true – like our giddy first look at the Porsche and BlackBerry smartphone last week that's just got the official nod and specs from Porsche Design.

In terms of looks, it's controversial. The forged stainless steel frame, QWERTY keyboard and leather back cover might remind you of the 911 – or you might just think the P'9981 looks plain ugly.

Inside, the P'9981 runs on a 1.2 GHz processor with 8GB of memory and a microSD slot. The OS is BlackBerry 7 with a Porsche Design UI slapped on top and NFC capabilities.

There's no word on megapixels but the P'9981 will shoot HD video. Private members' club-wise, there's an exclusive Wikitude World Browser AR app and anyone who buys this limited edition blower will also get a special BB pin so that Porsche smartphone owners can spot each other a mile off. How thoughtful. 

Porsche Design haven't mentioned finer points such as priceing and availability but the figure US$2000 – or £1,250 to us – is being batted about the web and that sounds like a positive bargain compared to some "luxury" smartphones we've seen.

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