Poll – Do you want Sony's 3D head-mounted display?

The future of TV or a Geordi La Forge fail? Cast your votes now...

One of the more leftfield announcements at IFA 2011 was Sony's 3D head-mounted display, the HMZ-T1. With one 0.7in OLED display for each eye, it promises to fire Full HD 3D straight to your brain while blessing you with futuristic Geordi La Forge chic. Without any head-tracking tech it can't yet serve up Lawnmower Man-style virtual reality, but together those displays will create the illusion of standing two feet away from a 750in cinema screen.

While a UK launch date isn't yet official, the HMZ-T1 will be launching in Japan in November for around £480. But will you be prepared to don a headset in exchange for getting the equivalent of an IMAX in your front room? Or are 3D glasses your limit for cinema-related headwear? Vote and leave your comments below, and you could appear in the November issue of Stuff (on shelves 5th October).  


Do you want Sony's 3D head-mounted display?