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Play iPhone games using your console controller

At last Apple may be opening up iOS as a gaming platform proper if a new patent makes it to production

You’re probably already all too aware of the pitfalls that come from touchscreen controls on a small iPhone screen. We’ve run over many a bystander in error as our demented digits block the screen when playing Grand Theft Auto on iOS – and with Android playing nice with physical controllers like the Nyko PlayPad, and Sony Xperia phones even supporting PS3 DualShock controllers, Apple needs to up its game. So the news that Apple has a patent allowing external controllers to be used with iOS devices has our trigger fingers twitching with excitement.

Sure, Gameloft has given physical controllers a go for iOS. But with limited titles it just doesn’t cut it. If the tech from Apple’s patent reaches production it’ll allow iPhones and iPads to connect to an external controller – wired or wireless – for use in all titles.

Finally great ideas like the BladePad controller-cum-case could be a reality. Heck, we’d be happy using our Xbox controller as long as it frees up the whole screen for gaming glory. Either way Apple could certainly give the Nvidia Shield a run for its money.

[via AppleInsider]

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