Philips extends app controlled Hue light range with new LightStrips and LivingColors Bloom

By adding new lights to the Hue range anywhere is a potential multicoloured light-fest
philips lightstrips

Before Philips Hue smart bulbs – that offer the power to control light from a mobile – we were limited to dimmer switches. Now that you can do it all remotely Philips has added new lights to the Hue family called Friends of Hue LightStrips and LivingColors Bloom.

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philips friends of hue
philips bloomcolors

LivingColors Bloom offer a 120 lumen light with over 16 million colours and thanks to its IFTTT (If This Then That) smarts, which lets you create an action from an event, it can gradually change colour and intensity as the sun sets and rises.

And it can be complemented with the LightStrips that offer a two-metre strip which can subtly illuminate the darker nooks and crannies of your home. You can even add an under light to your couch, if that’s your thing. While the LightStrips stick to nearly any surface, like its LivingColors Bloom brothers, both require mains power supply.

And they all work with your Philips TV for the ultimate ambient light while viewing Bruce Willis blow things up.

Philips LivingColors Bloom will cost £66, with LightStrips pricing to be confirmed. Both will be available from Apple Stores from August 21st.