PayPal launches mobile Here bank card reader

Paying with PayPal is about to get even easier, even in the real world

PayPal has announced a blue triangle of plastic – but it’s better than it sounds – giving you the ability to pay for real world items using your iPhone, with Android coming soon. Well in the US, Canada and Hong Kong only for now. Once the UK gets the reader dubbed Here, it will mean quick payment of items from your PayPal account anywhere displaying the Here sign.

Plug in the card reader via your headphones port, open the app, then swipe your credit or debit card. You’ll be able to chose to pay via your PayPal account or even from the bank card you’ve swiped. It sounds like a super secure method of payment that gives those without NFC an option to feel futuristic and use their mobile. Once places start displaying the Here option to accept this payment that is. Watch out Google Wallet. For full capabilities check out the PayPal FAQ page.

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