OS X El Capitan beta hints at 4K iMac and Bluetooth remote with trackpad

A glimpse at Apple's upcoming products, or just stray references in code? We choose the former

Not only do pre-release beta tests allow developers and/or users to check out software before it reaches its final form, but some creative digging often unearths hints of other things on the horizon. Such is the case with the latest version of OS X 10.11, El Capitan.

9to5Mac reports that a reference was found within the code for a Retina display that measures 4096x2304 pixels, putting it firmly in 4K territory. The 27in iMac already has a crisper 5K display, so it's speculated that this refers to an impending refresh of the 21.5in model.

Currently, the smaller iMac lacks a Retina display, and Apple has made moves recently to phase out lower-quality screens in its lineup. A reference was also found to an Intel graphics chipset called the Iris Pro 6200, which is a likely contender for a 4K-capable iMac.

Another file explored within El Capitan suggests an Apple Bluetooth Remote, which has a multitouch trackpad with inertial scrolling and might even integrate Force Touch functionality (that part is unclear). It also has some level of audio support, although it's not yet known whether that's for playback or perhaps taking spoken commands for Siri.

No specific Apple TV references were found alongside the remote reference. However, considering the ever-growing stack of rumours and reports around an updated version of the Apple TV - which was expected at WWDC this month, but not shown - this revelation suggests that the company may be upping its hardware game as it makes a stronger play for the television. Just last month, a report suggested Apple had a trackpad-toting remote planned for the Apple TV.

El Capitan officially releases sometime later this year, and a 4K iMac and a Bluetooth remote for a new Apple TV? Well, those certainly could arrive alongside it. Stay tuned for more as it comes.

[Source: 9to5Mac]