And for its next trick, Apple will fix the Apple TV’s remote

The refreshed clicker will reportedly sport a touchpad

Ever since the Apple TV was introduced in 2007, one thing about it hasn't changed: its remote. That three-button clicker exhibits plenty of Apple’s famous simplicity and minimalism, but in 2015 it feels, well, outdated.

Thankfully, it seems destined for a refresh very soon. Word on the street is that Apple’s WWDC conference, which starts on 8th June, will see the introduction of a new Apple TV that will bring with it a new remote control. One sporting a touchpad.

According to a report in the New York Times, the touchpad will basically work like a laptop’s trackpad, allowing users to scroll around menus and easily select content and options. The paper’s source said it will feature two additional buttons, so it’s likely that the remote will look somewhat similar to the current model.

The new Apple TV may well bring with it more new treats. Rumours about the device suggest it’ll launch alongside a new Apple TV and movie streaming service that will be available across multiple Apple devices. Watch out, Netflix: it seems like a new challenger is about to ride into town.

[Source: New York Times]