Orange to sell iPhone from 10 November?

Orange will start offering the iPhone on its network in the UK from 10 November, reports are suggesting.Wasting no time, the date being touted is the

Wasting no time, the date being touted is the day after O2's two-year exclusivity deal with Apple ends, and will see the phone being stocked in both Orange stores and Phones4U.

Apparently 200,000 customers have registered their interest with Orange since the announcement last month, and this is before we've heard any news on tariffs and pricing.

Bad news for those hoping for a price war with O2 in the run up to Christmas though – Orange boss Tom Alexander told the Guardian that the company would be looking at ways to increase value in the deal by including accessories and applications with the phone.

However, when asked about the truth behind the rumours an Orange spokesperson told rather vaguely: "While we haven't yet announced a launch date, we have announced that iPhone will be available from Orange before Christmas. We look forward to announcing a launch date and pricing plans in the coming weeks."

Neither a confirmation or denial – interesting. We'll be keeping you updated on anything we get but be sure to leave us your predictions for the iPhone on Orange release date below.

Via: The Guardian