OnLive Desktop Plus adds IE9, Flash and high-speed downloads to your iPad

We know, we know. Windows on an iPad is blasphemy, but think of all that tasty Flash compatibility

OnLive has added a new subscription option to its existing Windows 7 streaming service for Apple's iPad, which was released last month.

In addition to running Microsoft Office programmes, an extra US$5 a month will net you an upgrade to OnLive Desktop Plus, which will offer Internet Explorer 9 access with full Flash support on your previously Flash-less iPad.

Your monthly subscription will also nab you cloud-enhanced download speeds of up to a gigabit, thanks to the magic of OnLive's cloud servers, which should make for some lightning fast transfers to and from the included 2GB of cloud storage.

US$10 a month will serve up a generous 50GB of cloud storage with the ability to customise your OnLive desktop with extra applications.

At the moment OnLive Desktop is US-only – but don't worry, a UK release is coming soon, so stay tuned for more info as and when we get it.

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