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OnePlus Watch 2 teased with a seriously impressive 100-hour battery

This could be the smartwatch to beat in 2024 — if it lives up to the hype


The OnePlus Watch 2 has been teased ahead of Mobile World Congress 2024, and its claimed 100-hour battery life has made quite a stir. And rightfully so, given that the purported battery life is, apparently, during full Smart Mode, which we presume means that everything is running at full potential, without any battery-saver mode compromises to contend with.

Now, OnePlus is no stranger to generating hype — hell, it practically reinvented the Hype Playbook — so we’re taking this with a dash of salt, especially as it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. The original OnePlus Watch failed to deliver on its promises, with various bugs and niggles holding it back from being a contender for one of the best smartwatches.


Industry-leading battery life aside, we’ve also got a glimpse at the design. Described as premium and sophisticated, the OnePlus Watch 2 features a stainless steel chassis and crystal watch face which, when combined, should result in a timepiece that can handle the daily wear and tear of life. Visually it doesn’t look particularly mind-blowing —then again, there are only so many ways you can redesign a smartwatch, given the tech and ergonomic constraints. Hopefully the build quality will at least match the hyped-up materials.

It’ll be available in Black Steel and Radiant Steel at launch (there’s no release date yet but it’ll be unveiled at MWC on 26 February), for an undisclosed price. That’s pretty much all we have to go on for the time being, and it’s a given that the usual health and fitness tracking features will make a return — this time with hopefully more accurate GPS.

We expect to wrap our hands around the OnePlus Watch 2 when we’re in Barcelona for all the MWC 2024 action next week, so stay tuned for a full OnePlus Watch 2 hands-on review.

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