OnePlus One pre-orders open on 27th October

Been waiting to get your hands on our favourite affordable smartphone? Then we have good news…
OnePlus One pre-orders open on 27th October

Here’s some great news for those of you who’ve been waiting for a OnePlus One but haven’t managed to snag the necessary “invite to buy” from a friend: the smartphone will be available for anyone to pre-order from next week.

OnePlus just announced that, from 3pm UK time on Monday 27th October, you’ll be able to place an order at this webpage. In fact, you can “prepare” your pre-order right now to smooth the process. Yeah, we know: it’s basically a pre-order for the pre-order.

Available to all

The Android-based OnePlus One is a fantastic smartphone, especially given its low, low price tag of £230 (for the 16GB edition; the 64GB version is only £270, though). Our own Sophie Charara awarded it a full five stars when she reviewed it back in July, saying that it “beat the [Google] Nexus at its own game”.

However, because OnePlus didn’t want to make more devices than they could sell, they limited the distribution of the One via an invitation-to-buy system. That’s about to go out of the window, thankfully, so now anyone who fancies this phone can get his or her mitts on one. Great news for thrifty gadget fans.

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