One Keyboard has one-click switching between iPhone and PC

One Keyboard to rule them all – type on your computer and switch to your iPhone with one click

Typing on your iPhone is always going to be a slow and cumbersome business, but Matias has come up with a clever fix with its One Keyboard range.

The three keyboards let you switch from typing on your PC or Mac to typing on your phone with one click of a button. So if you're beavering away at work (or Skyrim) and you get a text message, you can rattle off a reply and be back to Excel (or Tamriel) in a jiffy.

You can also fiddle with your iPhone's brightness, navigation and music controls using the function keys.

We'll be honest, the One Keyboard Standard isn't much of a looker – it looks rather, um, functional. Extras include two USB 2.0 ports and a recess for your phone, and the Mac variant helpfully shows hidden characters like the hash and Euro symbols.

The Slim variant is rather more aesthetically pleasing, being a straight lift from Apple's own Bluetooth keyboard (albeit with a wired connection to your computer).

The One Keyboard Tactile is based on Matias' Apple Extended-inspired Tactile One keyboard, with an Alps Mechanical Switch under each key.

The Matias One Keyboards are priced at £66 for the Standard version, £55 for the Slim model, and £135 for the Tactile model, and are available from The Keyboard Company in the UK.

They're initially only available in US layouts, but UK, French and German versions of the Standard and Tactile models will be coming later in the year.

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