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Olympus unveils five new compact cameras

With three tough and two slim-line snappers, Olympus is looking to ensnare you in its compact cam net at CES

Olympus has revealed five new cameras – three in the Tough line (TG-2, TG-830, TG630) and two in its Travel range – the SH-50 and SZ15.

The trio of tough cams begin with the 12MP, 1080p video recording TG-2, who’s party trick is its ability to shoot in up to 15m of water as well as featuring impressive macro capability, GPS tracking and 240fps high-speed video recording for super slow motion playback. Throw in shockproof protection for drops up to 1.2m, freeze-proof functionality up to -10 degrees and a crushproof force of 100kg, and you’re looking at a slice of tech that’ll outlast you in any escapades you’re likely to throw at it.

The TG-630 and TG-830 boast a shockproof rating of 1.5m and 2m respectively along with being waterproof in up to 5m and 10m of water. The TG-830 also serves up a 16MP sensor for those looking for a little more grunt in the imaging department.

The 16MP Olympus SH-50 with 24x optical zoom is the first of the new compacts in the Traveller range and offers manual settings and multiple-axis image stabilisation, which Olympus says are two world firsts for compact cams. The 5-axis image stabilisation will apparently result in blur-free full HD movies even when on the run, while 3-axis photo stabilisation should neutralise pesky hand trembles for even sharper photos.

The SZ-15 offers 25mm-600mm zoom with dual image stabilisation along with a 16MP sensor and a tele macro setting for interesting close up shots.

As for pricing and availability? Well the TG-2 and TG-630 can be yours for £350 and £170 and they’ll both be on shelves in early February while the £250 TG-830, £250 SH-50 and £180 SZ-15 will be ready to be snapped up in mid March.

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