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OK Google, entertain me: Google Maps’ new Explore feature finds stuff to do nearby

Google's new Maps feature aims to bring an entertainment portal, straight to your hands

Google is adding a new Explore feature to its Maps app, which brings up nearby places of intrest at the touch of a button.

The new Explore button is set to roll out on iOS and Android later this week, and it’s smart.

Explore is able to adjust its results based on context, such as the weather and the time of day, so it won’t send you to a park if it’s raining, or to a Club at 10am. Clever stuff.

You can also use Explore to plan ahead. If you know you’re heading somewhere later and want to sort our where you’re going to eat, simply search for that location and hit the Explore button to see a list of places to eat in the surrounding area.

Don’t like the look of what’s nearby? Adjust the boundaries to a 15-minute walk or 20 minute drive away, and go off exploring.

The system will also learn your habits over time, and suggest locations based on previous places they have visited.

Android users will also have the benefit of being offered extra information such as restaurant reviews, transport schedules and other info, which will come in handy for planning trips ahead of time.

We expect the feature to be integrated into Android Wear devices at some point, but there’s no word on when that might be, though we’ll keep you updated as always.

In the meantime – good work, Google.

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