Oh look, here are all the specs for the HTC One (M9)

Spoiler alert: it lifts

Oh HTC One (M9), are there any secrets you've got locked away at all any more?

We only ask you see, because on top of the countless leaks the internet has blessed us with so far, you've only gone and let all your specs, your innermost secrets out, for all the world to see.

The window into your soul has been flung open by serial leaker upleaks, and, well, we like what we see. From your powerful Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM, to your 20.7MP camera and 4MP UltraPixel front-facing lens for super-charged selfies, you've got something for everyone.

Sure your 5in screen doesnt appear to be 2K, if the leaked 1080p specs are to be believed, but the fact that you've kept your microSD slot and BoomSound speakers should still make many an Android fan happy.

You've even got new friends in the form of a shiny DotView 2 cover and a waterproof case for matching your rivals in the pool, which all sounds good to us.

Just try and keep at least one surprise for when we meet at MWC on 1 March, OK?