Official Raspberry Pi kit puts everything you need to start coding in one box

The little computer gets its first official bundle, and it’s “unashamedly premium”

The Raspberry Pi always tempted me, but you have to buy a bunch of other bits and pieces to use it…

Not necessarily. For one thing, you might already own the bits you need, because many of them – like an SD card, or a USB keyboard – are things you’re likely to have sitting unused in your cupboard.

But even if you don’t, you can now buy a single box that comes with everything you need to set you off on a wonderful coding adventure! Because the British company itself, to celebrate shipping its 10 millionth Pi, has compiled a nifty-looking all-in-one kit.

Now we’re talking. What’s inside?

The Raspberry Pi Starter Kit (well, there’s no sense in coming up with a fancy-schmancy name when a simple one will do, is there?) contains a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B computer, an 8GB SD card to provide storage, an official case to protect the circuit board, a power supply unit, a metre-long HDMI cable (to connect the Pi to a monitor or TV), a USB optical mouse and a USB keyboard. It also comes with a copy of Adventures in Raspberry Pi (Second Edition), a highly-rated tome that will help you get started with a mix of inspiration and instruction.

What about the screen?

That, you’ll have to sort out yourself, pal. I mean, come on: you've probably got a telly, haven't you?

And how much for that little lot?

£99 plus VAT, so around £120 to you.

When the bare bones Pi 3 Model B itself only costs £25, you might think that sounds a lot, but the company claims this package is “unashamedly premium” and that the products they’ve sourced are top drawer quality – and we think they do look very, very slick indeed. This package looks like it’d make a nice tasteful tech gift for the would-be coder in your life.

It’s available now?

You can purchase it right away from element14 or RS Components, and it’ll be available from other retailers soon.

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