Nokia Lumia 710 out January 6

It looks like the little brother of the Lumia 800, packing Windows Phone Mango, will be with us soon

The Nokia Lumia 710 could hit UK shelves on January 6, according to online retailer Digital Phone,as shown in the above screenshot.

The Nokia Lumia 800's 1.4GHz little brother will come with Windows Phone Mango OS and the same 512MB RAM and 3.7in 800x480 screen, but will be sporting a lower powered 5MP snapper. If the price drop is significant, though, it could well be worth sacrificing a few megapixels.

With apps like Shazam showing off the power of live tiles, Windows Phone Mango’s potential is being realised. An affordable handset like the Lumia 710 could be just what Microsoft needs to present a serious threat to iOS and Android.

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