Nokia closes down N-Gage

You can't fault Nokia for effort, but the Finns have finally thrown in the towel on their N-Gage gaming service, commenting on its blog that it'll 'no

N-Gage started back in 2003 with what quickly became known as the 'taco phone'  – a mobile that tried gallantly to fuse a PSP with a mobile, but ended up being mocked for its comical design.

In a Rasputin-style comeback, it re-emerged in April 2008 as an online gaming service for a selection of phones, led by the N81. It seemed a wise move, but was quickly been overshadowed by the march of the iPhone's App store and its growing band of games.

You'll still be able to buy games from the N-Gage store until the end of September 2010, but after that Nokia will sell mobile games via the Ovi Store.

So, that's it – maybe the we'll get to speak to N-Gage via a Tweance soon to find out how it's doing on the other side.