Nokia 800 to get N9 camera?

Will we be playing spot the difference with the 800 and the N9 this week?

With our bags already packed for Nokia World at Excel this week, the handset rumour mill is in full swing. We're gearing up for a Windows Phone Mango flavoured Nokia launch and the 800 (or Lumia 800) will probably bear more than a passing resemblance to the N9, the first and last MeeGo handset.

Those phone sleuths over at TechRadar have grabbed some info about the Nokia 800's camera from data stored in sample images accidentally posted to Flickr.

The data revealed that we can expect an aperture rating of f2.2, just like the N9's snapper – and if everything else stays the same, that means a Carl Zeiss lens, shooting 8MP images and HD video with just 2.6s between turning the camera on and snapping your first photo. We're counting the minutes to Nokia World now.

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