Nintendo 3DS price to drop to £120?

Hold off buying a 3DS – you've got discounts and Mario coming your way. Probably

Nintendo is slashing the price of the 3DS around the world today and it shouldn't be too long before that price cut reaches the UK. You can pick up Ninty's handheld for around £155 these days but judging from new prices set in America (US$170) and Japan (¥1500), we reckon the RRP for the 3DS might go as low as £120. Nintendo has confirmed it will be dropping the price in Europe, but won't tell us when or by how much.

Something tells us that with Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart releases to look forward to in November and December, the discounts might just win over a sizeable chunk of thrifty handheld lovers yet to make the leap into 3D.


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