Nike+ Running comes to Android with Nike+ GPS iPhone app update

Now only Windows Phone and BlackBerry owners can make excuses – Droids and iOS addicts will be on the run from today

We return home everyday to be greeted by our flatmate/brother/other half screaming at the top of their voice 'I just finished my run!' Not really.

But anyone with a Facebook account probably knows at least one such enthusiastic soul tracking their progress with Nike+ and boosting their motivation with self-congratulatory broadcasts.

So while the most strenuous thing we've done all day is amble to the vending machine, iPhone fitness freaks can now start a run quicker from within the already fantastic Nike+ GPS app.

The version 4.0 update also adds functions like comparing your run to the last seven attempts and shoe tagging so that you get a reminder when (Nike thinks) it's time for a trip to the Nike store for a new pair of running shoes.

Google Play also gets a slice of Nike+ action with the Nike+ Running app, available to download now for free. The UI is similar to the updated iPhone app as are the features and the social integration works on Android too.

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