Next Big Thing – Philips Vital Signs camera

Meet the iPad app that can tell if you're feeling poorly

An app about the best road signs? Yawn.

Sigh. This isn't a list of important safety notices, it's an app which measures the vital signs of your fleshy, mortal body as it inches ever closer to its demise.

Melodramatic much? How does it work?

Philips claims that its nifty app can utilise the iPad 2's camera to detect your heart rate by picking up variations in the colour of your face as a result of your beating pulse. Breathing is measured by the movement of your shoulders and all data can naturally (and rather pointlessly) be shared with your friends.

So my GP's days are numbered?

Definitely not. Although a handy feature, Philips wisely states that it should in no way replace a professional medical diagnosis. If you fancy seeing how your ticker matches up against your iPad then head on over here to pick up the Vital Signs app for 69p.

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