Next Big Thing – multiscreen laptops

The future looks bright for screen real estate junkies 

April Fools Day was months ago

Not as long ago as 2009, the year GScreen first announced this dual screen-toting laptop. At that time it was pre-production, but we seem to have reached the pre-order stage, unlikely as it may seem.

Is it really necessary?

Probably not, but this is more of a proof of concept that will appeal to a niche category of geeks. Two screens is better than one, but we'd question the wisdom of pricing it against portability. Surely a pair of Cinema Displays daisy-chained to a MacBook Pro is the better choice.

And which is more expensive

The GScreen starts from US$2400 for the entry level last-gen Intel i5 processor model with 4GB of RAM, 500GB of memory and 1GB of dedicated Nvidia graphics. Not the best spec:price ratio, but did we forget to mention it has two 17in screens? Because it totally does.


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