Next Big Thing – LG flexible ereader displays

Plastic ebook displays that bend, can bounce back from drops and even survive hammer blows are the future – and it’s coming this month

LG doesn’t make those screens, does it?

Beneath Mount LG in the deep, lava-lined halls of the LG dungeon of development, secret works of magic have been enacted to create a display like no other. And now the 1024x768 pixel, flexible plastic Electronic Paper Display (EPD) has been unveiled and will be surfacing as soon as next month.

But why bendy?

The advantage of a plastic EPD over current glass alternatives, is that it folds at up to 40 degrees – meaning that it can withstand a direct hit from a urethane hammer and repeated drops from a 1.5 metre height. It’s also about half the weight of the glass version at 14g and 0.7mm thick.

Cool, when can I have one?

LG’s new screens could be shipping as soon as this month, but there’s no word on what the devices will look like yet – or if they will be associated with big ebook names like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The other good news is that LG is going to use this tech to create plastic OLEDs – meaning future mobiles could be brighter, lighter and stronger.

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