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Next Big Thing – Leap Motion 3D motion control

Meet the tiny bit of kit that's 100 times more accurate than Kinect, at a price that won't break the bank

Let me guess. Minority report

Yes yes, we know we’ve touted lots of gadgets as bringing the next Minority Report interface to our desks, but Leap Motion‘s 3D control system really does look like it’s up to the challenge. It’s 100 times more accurate than the Kinect and can track motion to 0.01mm in accuracy.

Impressive stuff. Witchcraft or science?

Science of course. The small USB device hosts an array of cameras and sensors which combine to create a virtual 3D workspace of around four cubic feet. Pinch-to-zoom, doodling, modelling and gaming are all possible like never before.

Will I need to sell my firstborn child?

Surprisingly, no. Leap Motion’s system is available to pre-order for a mere US$70 and will play nice with either Windows or Mac. Check out the video below then wander over to grab yourself a slice of the future. Fruit Ninja will never be the same again…

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