Next Big Thing – flying builders

Quadrocopters have built a 20ft structure in France, is this the start of a building revolution?

Flying builders? Dudes with jetpacks?

Not quite, this is even more automated. Quadrocopters in France have built a ‘flight assembled structure’ made of 1,500 polystyrene blocks, entirely on their own.

I could build a 20-ft tower.

Good for you. But wouldn’t you prefer to let a bunch of completely autonomous flying drones do it for you? This building is a smaller version of a planned 600m vertical village that – with stronger drones – could be built without requiring builders to risk their necks.

I’m a builder, I like earning money.

That could be an issue. Although even drones need to be programmed – leaving you plenty of time for a cuppa while you oversee the smooth running of your drone army, from your nice warm office.

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