Next Big Thing – bulletproof spider-goat silk skin

Artist creates bulletproof skin using silk extracted from transgenic spider goats. Hooray for science!

You're just stringing together random words

It really exists. Artist Jalila Essaïdi has created a synthetic tissue made from a matrix of bioengineered human skin cells and a spider silk weave extracted from transgenic goats.

Science be praised! Bulletproof, you say?

Yup. The bioengineered skin managed to stop a bullet fired at half speed (164.5 m/s). It didn't hold up to a bullet fired at full speed, though.

Excellent! Where do I sign up for a bulletproof skin transplant? I will only use my powers for good…

There's a bit of a way to go before this material becomes a practical proposition – though Essaïdi is hoping to use it in skin transplants, so a Deus Ex-esque future of bulletproof people sporting hybrid skins made from spider-goat silk could be on the cards.

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